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Fearless with Jason Whitlock

Tucker Carlson’s 'Troubling' Text Alarms Fox News, Triggers Character Assassination

How dangerous is Tucker Carlson? So dangerous that it isn’t enough that the host of the most-viewed program on cable was relieved of his duties by Fox News; now the New York Times and other mainstream media outlets must also assassinate his character and reputation. Tuesday night, the NYT fired what it hopes is a kill shot to Carlson’s reputation. The Times, the voice of the alphabet agencies, published a personal text from Carlson to a producer that Times editors believe paints Carlson as a bigot. “Tucker is a nagging, dangerous thorn in the side of the surveillance agencies and globalists. ... Carlson challenges authority. He asks troubling and important questions.” Jason believes there’s a larger message being sent in the assault of Carlson and that it should change the way God’s people engage in the culture war. “Fearless” contributor Royce White adds his perspective to the Tucker discussion. Plus, Steve Kim joins the show to discuss LeBron and the Lakers' Game 1 win over the Warriors and Jordan Poole’s questionable shot at the end of the game. LSU’s Angel Reese has capitalized on NIL, parlaying her disrespect of Caitlin Clark into a brand-new Benz on her birthday. Jason and Steve debate the message this sends to other NCAA athletes. In Tennessee Harmony, Anthony and Virgil Walker help us understand the role of slavery in the Bible.
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Fearless with Jason Whitlock
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