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by Bonnie D. Graham
Financial Excellence with Game Changers, presented by SAP

Automation and AI: Mid-Market CFOs Collaborating with Business


The Buzz 1: “AI will optimize or transform ‘nearly every activity in finance.’” (Craig Wilton, Gartner, quoted at www.cfodive.com/news/artificial-intelligence-gartner-finance-trends-2020/573233/)

The Buzz 2: “Tech is in everything… 2021’s CFOs need to be more tech-savvy than ever. Indeed, with so much big data, A.I., and robotics technology available for CFOs to utilize, learning and incorporating tech into the traditional finance role is key.” (fortune.com/2021/06/21/cfo-technology-big-data-ai-robotics/)

As we begin to come out of the pandemic, the ways of doing business have inevitably changed. Companies have discovered ways to be more flexible, respond faster to changing economic conditions, better serve customers, redefine supplier relationships, and create more efficient internal processes.

CFOs at mid-market companies in particular are more invested in going beyond the status quo. By embracing automation and artificial intelligence (AI), they are optimizing their own processes to then provide valued advice at the executive table, armed with real-time insights and AI-driven predictions of the financial outcomes of strategic decisions.

And with their time freed-up by automation, Finance can collaborate better with other lines of business, including leveraging AI to investigate the financial impact of strategies from core finance processes on HR, manufacturing, and sales.

We’ll ask Birgit Starmanns at SAP, Dan Cupersmith at Analysis Prime and Bryan Pruner at Delaware Consulting for their take on Automation and AI: Helping Mid-Market CFOs Guide and Collaborate with the Business.



by Bonnie D. Graham