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Sustainability: A 21st Century Challenge for the CFO

The Buzz: “A majority of executives and investment professionals agreeing that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) programs enhance shareholder value…Finance leaders can help spur companies to develop sustainability goals by articulating the financial benefits of sustainability projects and establishing criteria for funding the company’s ESG investments that account for their full range of benefits.” www.cfo.com

Sustainability isn’t just a global agenda. It’s a corporate agenda and a topic driving fervent discussion in board meetings around the world. Not surprisingly, the Office of the CFO is key and central to these discussions.

Regulations and standards are still emerging and differ across geographies. One thing is clear: organizations will need to be accountable, responsible and in compliance with sustainability requirements, or face significant consequences.

But many forward-looking organizations see sustainability as an opportunity to create something better, to become leaders in building sustainable profitable businesses. And sustainability will be a new way of doing business, meeting compliance, ethical and moral obligations while carving new competitive advantages. To achieve this, technology will play a big part in their change process.

How can your organization prepare for the business and systems transformations needed for this brave new sustainable world?

We’ll ask Simon Meitz and Jon Scott at EY, and Michel Haesendonckx at SAP for their take on Sustainability: A 21st Century Challenge for the CFO.
Financial Excellence with Game Changers, presented by SAP
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