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Finding Mastery

How To Level Up Your Leadership with Chief of Navy Reserve - Vice Admiral John Mustin | Part 1

Finding Mastery
Finding Mastery

Welcome to PART ONE of our conversation with Vice Admiral John Mustin. What is it like to lead 59,000 people? What if those people are spread out all over the world? What does readiness as a leader look like? Chief of Navy Reserve (CNR), Vice Admiral John Mustin, knows exactly what it’s like and he leads with a singular, laser-guided priority in mind: warfighting readiness. 

When it comes to performing at the highest level, Vice Admiral Mustin is steadfast in his belief that individual performance is informed by both competence and character. We’ll find out how he helps instill these traits in his force and the challenges that come with it. 

Vice Admiral Mustin has an extraordinary grasp on leadership philosophy, communicating effectively across large organizations, and using his civilian experiences to inform strategy within his military career – and he’s generous enough to share some of his insights with us around both organizational and personal high performance. 

We covered so much ground in our conversation that we felt this episode was best shared in two parts. Part I is live now. Part II will drop on all audio platforms tomorrow – be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it on your feed. If you’d like early access to the full conversation, you can view the episode in its entirety on YouTube right now. 

No matter when or where you tune in, we hope you enjoy this gem of a conversation with Vice Admiral John Mustin.


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Finding Mastery
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