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Finding Mastery

How To Set a Vision & Live With Passion | AMA Vol. 9 with Dr. Michael Gervais

Finding Mastery
Finding Mastery

Today, we’re really excited to share the 9th installment of our Ask Me Anything (AMA) series! The purpose behind these conversations - behind these AMAs – is to hear from you… to explore the topics and questions that you have been wrestling with on your path to becoming.

The goal is to expand on the themes, lessons, and best-practices we’ve discussed on the Finding Mastery Podcast in order to make them even more applicable to your own life.

This time around, our co-host O’Neil Cespedes and I cover some really interesting and insightful territory – we discuss:

  • What makes a psychologically healthy human
  • How to engage in open, curious conversations in a polarized world
  • Whether it’s better to be a generalist or a specialist
  • Keys to parenting in modern times
  • A best practice you can try out called “The Miracle Question”
  • And so much more


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Finding Mastery
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