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Finding Mastery

Push Beyond Your Limits: Top Big Wave Surfer on The Art of Challenging the Unknown | Kai Lenny

Finding Mastery
Finding Mastery

What is it like staring down the barrel of a 70-foot wave? How do we challenge ourselves to do bigger and riskier things in life? How do we take the first step towards something that seems unimaginable at first?

One of the best big wave surfers and risk takers on the planet, Kai Lenny has found true freedom in the powerlessness that comes with confronting one of Mother Nature’s most spectacular monsters – the big wave. 

As a multi-disciplinary athlete who surfed his fist wave at four-years-old, Kai has successfully conquered various water-based disciplines, earning him the title of a true waterman. Whether it's big-wave surfing, kiteboarding, stand-up paddleboarding, windsurfing, or hydrofoiling, Kai's unmatched skills and unwavering determination have led him to become a trailblazer in each field. Kai’s list of world championship honors include being an eight-time SUP Surfing World Champion, VICE KSP Kiting World Champion, two-time Molokai to Oahu Foil Boarding World Champion and World Record Holder, Molokai to Oahu SUP World Champion, and winning one of the world’s most prestigious big wave surfing events in 2020—the Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge.

According to Kai: “Once you know how to tap into fear, you can use it to do things you never thought were possible.” 

Most impressive—in a sport that requires a unique kind of risk-taking and preparation—is Kai’s masterful approach to mindset. A perfectionist whose passion is “always getting better at something,” Kai has many incredible insights on staying motivated, adaptable, and innovative all in the face of radical risk and relentless unknowns. 

We first had Kai on the podcast back in 2016 – episode #44 if you want to check it out. It’s an epic conversation, and it was equally as incredible to see how Kai has continued to evolve in the 7 years since that original recording.

This time around, we cover everything from navigating the unknown to performance imagery, breaking through limits, staying calm in chaos, setting a vision, and so much more. Many of us will never surf a 50+ foot wave – but we can all learn from Kai’s approach to mastering his craft, himself, and the way he navigates life.


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Finding Mastery
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