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Finding Mastery

The Way of the Warrior — Legendary Green Beret on Pain, Love, and Discipline | Tu Lam

Finding Mastery
Finding Mastery

Step into the riveting world of Tu Lam, whose journey from war-torn Saigon to becoming a Green Beret is a tale of courage, resilience, and modern-day samurai wisdom. Born amidst chaos, he escaped Vietnam's turmoil, eventually finding a new life in America. Enthralled by stories of elite warriors, he chased his dream, enlisting in the US Military right after high school.

Deploying to over 20 countries, including conflict zones in the Philippines, Iraq, and Libya, Tu's career spanned 22 years of distinguished service. He retired as a master sergeant, having reached the pinnacle of elite forces—the special missions unit. 

In his post-military journey, Tu established Ronin Tactics, a tactical gear and training company. His expertise in martial arts and combat led to him being immortalized as a video game character in "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare." Beyond the battlefield, Tu’s pursuits encompass a profound exploration of life's meaning, emphasizing the importance of love, authenticity, and embodying the samurai Bushido Code—loyalty, courage, and honor. 

In this gripping conversation, Tu shares his emotional journey as a refugee, his profound insights into life and love, captivating stories from his time as a Green Beret, and the seven pillars that guide his modern samurai lifestyle.

Join us as we delve into the extraordinary life and wisdom of Tu Lam, a man who found purpose, resilience, and mastery through the crucible of his experiences.


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Finding Mastery
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