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Finding Mastery

Tune Up Your Mind – A Music Legend’s Journey of Self-Evolution | Moby & Lindsay Hicks

Finding Mastery
Finding Mastery

Where do I begin with the man who only needs one name?

Moby has been a prominent figure in the music scene for decades – a punk rocker-turned-electronica artist who has sold over 20 million records worldwide, Moby’s genre-defying soundscapes have captivated audiences around the globe, earning him Grammy nominations, a devoted fanbase, and countless other accolades. Beyond his musical success, Moby is also an activist, a filmmaker, and an author – as you’ll hear about in this conversation, his journey has been one of profound introspection, self-discovery, and relentless pursuit of personal growth.

Lindsay Hicks brings her own unique brilliance to the table – she is a passionate environmentalist and sustainability expert, recognized for her collaboration with Moby to amplify the message of climate change activism. Together, Moby and Lindsay have formed an extraordinary partnership, blending their passions for music, activism, and thought-provoking conversations into the recently launched Moby Pod. 

In this conversation, we delve deep into how to navigate pivotal moments and deep challenges – neither of their journeys have been without public scrutiny and personal hardship. Moby and Lindsay are beacons for the commitment to self-discovery, doing the work, and the  resilience to keep going. We’re all creating something in life, and it was a breath of fresh air to experience the authenticity Moby and Lindsay brought to this conversation and to what they are creating.


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Finding Mastery
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