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Finding Mastery with Dr. Michael Gervais

Dealing With Your Feelings: Purpose, Death, and Perfectionism | AMA Vol. 10 with Dr. Michael Gervais

Today, we’re really excited to share the 10th installment of our Ask Me Anything (AMA) series! Thanks for coming along this journey with us over the last 10 months—sending in your questions and sharing your notes of appreciation. It’s an honor to sit down and film each video. 

We’re stoked on this 10th AMA and all the excellent questions we received. Our co-host, O’Neil Cespedes, is back again to make sure we keep it real. In this video, we dive into topics like:

  • How to find your purpose
  • What do you do if you’re given 6 months to live?
  • Dealing with your feelings and emotions
  • Why perfectionism is a fool’s game
  • Designing your life for your eulogy
  • How to find a rewarding job
  • And so much more

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Finding Mastery with Dr. Michael Gervais
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