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Firecrotch & Normcore: THEY LIKE TO WATCH

BONUS EPISODE: Stewy Takes His Time - with Arian Moayed

“Shorter is better.” ~ Stewy Hosseini

“F*** you, too, you pusillanimous piece of f***ing fool’s gold.” ~ Firecrotch & Normcore

Our guest on this week’s main episode was the wonderful Arian Moayed, and if you’re still hankering for a wankering, here’s a much longer version of that interview. Includes:

* Loads of extra detail on how Succession is made 

* A whistlestop tour of Arian’s career, including performing alongside Robin Williams on Broadway

* The story of Waterwell, the arts and education non-profit Arian co-founded at the age of 21. https://www.waterwell.org/

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Firecrotch & Normcore: THEY LIKE TO WATCH
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