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Firecrotch & Normcore: THEY LIKE TO WATCH

FINALE WEEKEND SPRINKLES - with some Gerri on the side... IT'S J. SMITH-CAMERON!

Apologies for this late-running Saturday Sprinkles, we hope sure you'll forgive us under the circumstances. We manifested some last-minute BoCo that was too good to turn down...

In an act of kindness, J. Smith-Cameron (aka Gerri Kellman) carved out a little time for a quick chat. As you'll hear, she was a dream, and there's a beautiful moment between her and Sara.

Before that chat with J (Jay?), as many of your contributions as we could squeeze in. And afterwards, we reveal tomorrow's BoCo. It's wild.

Enjoy the Mole Woman, slime puppies!

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Firecrotch & Normcore: THEY LIKE TO WATCH
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