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Firecrotch & Normcore: THEY LIKE TO WATCH

S04 E05 No Sorrys For Lukas - with Arian Moayed

We just watched 'Kill List' and if you were expecting an episode almost entirely comprised of Sara objectifying Alexander Skarsgård, you're in for a surprise... because she's objectifying our guest, too - ARIAN MOAYED! Yes! Somehow, we persuaded to Stewy Hosseini to talk to us, and he over-delivers (under challenging circumstances.)

We bled the f**ker conversationally dry, so there'll be a bonus episode with lots more about 'Succession', plus his theatre career, Robin Williams, and Waterwell - the art and education non-profit he co-founded - later this week.

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Firecrotch & Normcore: THEY LIKE TO WATCH
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