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Firecrotch & Normcore: THEY LIKE TO WATCH

S04 E06 Minimize Surprise, Maximize Satisfaction - with Scott Nicholson

We just watched "Living+'. Special Kenny is number one boy, but what were the other big swings, and who took a swing-and-a-miss? Plus, we talk to Logan's body man and (best) pal, Colin - actor Scott Nicholson. Spoiler alert: He's wonderful.

Does anyone read these shownotes? We don't know. We can't know. But I've got my suspicions. I've got my f***ing suspicions. Just in case, though, it's Sara's birthday. If you're minded to, wish her many happy returns on social media.

We want to hear from you for Friday Sprinkles! Email f***off@firecrotch@normcore.com Heads up: It'll probably be Saturday Sprinkles this week.

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Firecrotch & Normcore: THEY LIKE TO WATCH
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