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First Person Plural: EI & Beyond

Aaron Wolf: Transforming Conflict


In this episode, Hanuman and our guest, Aaron Wolf discuss conflict management. He's a water resources geographer at Oregon State University and a trained mediator. Wolf facilitates dialogue between groups to help them find a shared vision around some big issues. Faith that gets to the core of our identity and water rights, which govern our very survival.

First the hosts discuss Dan Goleman's own experience with conflict, sharing how he had to manage a conflict with his department at Harvard before they would endorse his plan to submit a thesis on meditation.

Then we talk about Aaron Wolf's career mediating conflicts around the world. They discuss lessons learned from international conflicts over pollution, cultural faux pas, finding humility in conflict and what it feels like when there is change in the room,

We finish up with another installment of Ask Dan. This time the question is about how to love and know one's self.

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