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Flutter Talks

Topline with Abbey Road Studios


In December, during Flutter Live, Tim Sneath said that there are around 250 000 Flutter developers, but Flutter apps are used by more than 200 million people. The impact Flutter has is not just limited to how fast we can create beautiful apps for multiple platforms, but how the apps themselves help the people using Flutter apps.Dom Dronksa is the head of digital at Abbey Road studios and they created the app Topline that lets musicians record their ideas on the go and share them with each other. Dom has successfully taken a bit of Abbey Road and given it to the singers and song-writers who don't always record in the studios or artists that have a great idea at the worst possible moment. Topline has helped to digitalise part of the Abbey Road Studio experience and bring it closer to artists and musicians everywhere. Hear about their story and the challenges they faced when creating topline with Flutter, still in beta. 


Episode 3

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