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Follow Him: A Come, Follow Me Podcast

Matthew 11-12; Luke 11 Part 2 • Dr. John Hilton III • Mar. 13 - Mar. 19

Dr. John Hilton III examines Jesus Christ’s teaching about commandments, the Law, and the Atonement’s healing power.

Teaching with the Chosen: https://johnhiltoniii.com/thechosen/
“Seeking Jesus” with John Hilton III: https://johnhiltoniii.com/seekingjesus/

  • 00:00 Part II– Dr. John Hilton III
  • 00:08 God is calling us to be like Him
  • 01:58 Jesus and Fence Laws about the Sabbath
  • 05:39 Parenting, Fence Laws, and Commandments
  • 07:44 John shares a story about shoveling snow on the Sabbath
  • 08:41 Dr. Hilton shares a story about his dad and a roommate
  • 10:27 Jesus heals a man’s hand on the Sabbath
  • 12:14 Dr. Hilton shares a story about his mission and a man bringing his family to church
  • 15:07 Jesus doesn’t ritually wash and calling out bad behavior
  • 18:28 Straining at a gnat
  • 20:07 Dr. Hilton shares a story about movies and Fence Laws
  • 23:19 Corianton and Alma
  • 26:09 The importance of following the prophet
  • 28:37 Dr. Hilton shares a personal story about flying lessons
  • 30:10 Jesus instructs the disciples about prayer
  • 36:11 Jesus instructs about idle words
  • 37:38 Dr. Hilton shares a story about his mission
  • 40:32 Dr. Hilton does a Dobby impression
  • 42:50 Comparisons between Jesus and Jonah
  • 47:50 Jesus and his mother and siblings
  • 51:11 Jesus helps us carry our heavy burdens
  • 52:28 Jesus and the The Founder of Our Peace: Christ-Centered Patterns for Easing Worry, Stress, and Fear
  • 57:57 End of Part II–Dr. John Hilton III

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Follow Him: A Come, Follow Me Podcast
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