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For You From Eve

138. Dealing with Relationships, Situationships, and Being Single

For You From Eve
For You From Eve

In the past year, I started to hear the word situationship more than I heard the word relationship. What is it? Is it labeled? How do I progress from one?

In today's episode, I sit and answer questions that YOU guys asked on my Instagram @foryoufromeve all about relationships, and sitiuationships. We talk about; learning what you deserve, being okay with being single, the tough parts of a long term relationship, and so much more advice. So many of you have been struggling with similar dilemmas when it comes to trying to get into a relationship, and I go through and answer what you guys have been wondering. Grab a coffee, put on your headphones, start cleaning your room, or going on your HGW; because this episode feels like a Facetime call with your best friend.

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions! Make sure you guys tune in every Friday for a For You Friday solo episode and follow me on Instagram @foryoufromeve to be a part of the next solo episode.

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For You From Eve
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