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For You From Eve

Feeling Stuck: Am I Fulfilling My Purpose?

For You From Eve
For You From Eve
Recently, I have been feeling like I am existing everyday without a purpose and without a passion. I feel like as humans, we begin to expect a lot from ourselves and it can drive us into a place of self insecurity and isolation.

In today’s episode, I go through the motions of losing inspiration, feeling as though we are not living our purpose and struggling to “find our why.”

We go through 1.) getting into a rut where all motivation is lost 2.) not feeling inspired 3.) removing distractions 4.) no longer depending on others 5.) doing it for yourself and knowing your worth 6.) knowing you deserve happiness and success 7.) money first mindset 8.) timeline

Thank you so much to everyone that listens and supports my show!

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Be Kind, Xoxo

For You From Eve
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