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Fun and Gains

beating cancer and building a business to give back w/Mike Yewdell

Fun and Gains
Fun and Gains

this week's Fun & Gains guest is by far the strongest yet— Mike Yewdell who is the founder of BEAM. He joins britt & darian to chat about righting the wrongs of the supplement industry, protecting the consumer, what goes into a supplement, giving back, living in the present, facing challenges & the power of attitude. Mike named BEAM after the cancer treatment that saved his life & we are honored to share more about his story & a company that always goes the extra mile while already doing so much good.

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02:30 meet Mike

07:30 darian the straight shooter

09:00 the supplement process

13:30 flavor testing

16:15 how BEAM came to be

17:40 Mike's battle

20:40 chemotherapy

23:00 living in the present

24:40 all challenges have a reason

28:40 Mike's stem cell transplant

29:40 fear, positivity, attitude

39:30 philanthropy

44:00 supplement transparency & testing

48:59 the farm to shaker process

56:55 one piece of advice mike would give his younger self

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Fun and Gains
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