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Fun and Gains

finding balance in work, grad school, health & relationships // his and hers holiday gift guide!


Grab some green bean casserole and kick your feet up because Darian is back for some fun, gains, & chit chat! This week's episode is all about how Britt & Darian create balance in life, school, parenthood & relationships (+ you might just leave with some holiday gift ideas!)


1:11 happy thanksgiving

1:35 YOUR favorite thanksgiving dish

1:55 the green bean casserole debacle

3:15 his & hers gift ideas

3:45 darian’s gymshark favorites

2:40 britt’s favorite cookbook

5:40 darian’s meat thermometer

6:40 britt’s skincare picks

7:43 darian’s book light

10:35 britt’s shoe picks

11:50 darian’s subscription/tickets/programs

12:40 britt’s gym outfits

13:20 darian’s CRNA #studystuff

15:50 britt’s water bottle

17:10 how britt & darian balance life

17:30 the 4 things

18:10 work balance & life balance

20:24 how britt & darian prioritize things individually

22:26 how britt & darian prioritize the gym

23:30 you cannot do everything all the time, know when to say no

25:30 the importance of doing nothing

26:05 disconnect & detach

29:00 darian’s routines

32:20 chocolate chip cookies

33:00 just say NO

34:00 britt’s routine

35:40 teamwork; gymming as parents

39:50 cookie recipe

41:20 how do you eat your cookies

44:20 what to do when you feel off-balance

46:10 Sundays

47:30 what are YOU grateful for

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