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Fun and Gains

fitness this-or-that with TikTok queen Nona Bayat


Grab your favorite pre-workout and fasten your seatbelts as we welcome Nona Bayat for some fun & gains. The TikTok queen is here to talk balancing fitness, post-grad life, AM/PM routines, staying motivated & more. Britt's capping things off with a real and raw game of fitness this-or-that, that you won't want to miss!


00:46 tay swift

3:15 bring on the holiday spirit

3:55 Vinny & Britt mems

4:40 dm your fav/nostalgic christmas movies

5:00 virtual f&g holiday party!?

5:20 queen Nona

6:00 good vibes & games

7:00 who is Nona??

8:00 gymshark retreat & friendship

9:55 Nona’s fitness journey

11:30 lessons from swimming

12:03 in love with lifting

13:20 Nona’s morning routine

15:20 Nona’s oatmeal game

17:03 post-grad life

19:00 get uncomfortable

14:40 how Nona stays motivated

17:45 Nona’s tips for studying

19:10 balancing fitness in college

25:00 college nostalgia

26:15 fitness THIS OR THAT

26:45 upper or lower body

27:30 colorful plates or black plates

28:20 shorts or leggings

29:10 energy drink or coffee

29:40 solo or buddy workout

31:33 food or fasted

32:20 music or nothing

33:10 best workout jams

35:05 pump cover or no pump cover

35:40 bench or hip thrusts

36:30 lunges or squats

37:15 bulgarian split squats or hip thrusts

38:15 morning or night lift

39:30 protein shakes or protein bar

40:35 bad date or ripped leggings

44:16 unavailable machine or stink

44:55 chicken or salmon

51:00 where to find more Nona

46:25 what Nona would tell her younger self

Nona’s Insta: @nonabayat

Nona’s TikTok: Nonabayat

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