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Fun and Gains

overcoming gym fears: failed goals, losing progress & looking lost

Fun and Gains
Fun and Gains

This week, Britt is challenging your deepest & dearest gym fears! We may be on our own health & fitness journeys, but hundreds of you wrote in the SAME gym fears. Tune in to hear Britt's advice on your fears of: missing workouts, losing progress, not knowing how to use machines, having belly rolls or worrying about how you look, failing to meet a goal, increasing weight on lifts, & more. You are not alone!

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01:10 fun & gain of the week

01:30 let's talk gym fears

03:30 weekly review

04:15: word of the week: optimism

07:40 fear of: not knowing how to use a machine

11:10 fear of: taking up too much space

13:58 fear of: having belly rolls

18:30 fear of: looking dumb

20:00 fear of: tripping on the treadmill

22:30 fear of: trying something you've never done before

24:20 fear of: never finding a routine that will work for me

26:30 fear of: losing progress

29:20 fear of: guilt

30:25 fear of: trying my hardest but failing to hit goals

35:38 fear of: increasing weight

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Fun and Gains
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