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Fun and Gains

SPOOKY GYM STORIES | gym creepers, ghosts, notes & stares w/ darian & britt

Fun and Gains
Fun and Gains

In the spirit of Halloweekend... grab your candy corn and listen in as britt & darian read your SPOOKY gym stories! Stay safe out there, and remember to be aware, trust your gut, and stand up for yourself both in & out of the gym!

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2:00 darian’s fun & gains of the week

3:50 britt’s fun & gains of the week

5:00 Podcast BIRTHDAY BASH in Nashville

6:20 weekly review

7:30 beware of beta-alanine (& cheap pre)

10:30 the buggin door banger

12:15 ghost in the graveyard

14:10 the great Hawaiian Halloween centipede

17:15 spooky, cringe & inappropriate

21:10 the spotting creeper

24:30 white van watcher weirdness

27:10 the window tapper

29:45 tiny dancer *in cursive*

32:50 ghost story

35:00 stare right back

36:15 throw him the peace sign

38:30 thanks father

41:40 my racetrack is ready

45:15 darian’s tips for gym safety


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Fun and Gains
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