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FYI, a Broadsheet podcast

Introducing FYI, a new podcast by Broadsheet


Some stories just hook you. You know the ones – you can’t get a particular detail out of your head, and you find yourself yakking about it to anyone who’ll listen. This happens a fair bit at Broadsheet. We're Australia's go-to culture guide, and while a lot of incredible stories cross our news desk, we can't always explore them in as much depth as we’d like. That’s why we’re launching our very first podcast, FYI. It's all about the stories we reckon deserve a closer look.

Like the guy whose full-time job is to sniff out fake designer sneakers. Or the once-maligned deli meat that’s suddenly in fancy restaurants everywhere. The food obsessive on a mission to give up takeaway food for good. Or the Australian whisky that’s been called the world’s worst (and that's still lurking, in small amounts, on the back bar at some pubs).

Hosted by Broadsheet editorial director Katya Wachtel, FYI features a different Broadsheet reporter each week and is put together by our award-winning production team. It’ll bust myths, help you cook better, and give you a deeper understanding of a particular piece of the Australian cultural puzzle each week through interviews with some of the most influential and celebrated figures in food, fashion, art and more.

We’ll also talk to those driving culture from the ground up, shining a light on the unsung people and places that help make our country so rich and idiosyncratic, from the country's top chefs to a salt heiress. We’re even handing over an entire episode to you.

Broadsheet has always been about helping you better understand the cities you live in, and FYI is here to do the same.

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