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Get In My Garden

Episode #79, Hemp as Animal Feed, with Hunter Buffington


Today we meet Hunter Buffington, Executive Director of the Hemp Feed Coalition. We talk hemp as an animal feed, why it isn’t legal for animal feed yet, some of the roadblocks in the US and Canada, and how the Hemp Feed Coalition is working to change this.

Then Hunter shares details about cannabis plant byproducts, many of these potentially being animal feed. We learn a few specific ways that the listeners can be involved with progressing the agenda of the Hemp Feed Coalition Directly.

Then we hear details about clinical feed trials that need to take place, and some of the current research about bioaccumulation in the cannabis plant. Hemp is sure to change the nutritional makeup of the food we eat and offers promise for carbon sequestration and regenerative farming.

At the end of the interview, Hunter mentions some of the amazing technology being created now using hemp byproducts, and then finally where she thinks the hemp market is headed in the next 10 to 20 years.

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