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Sort Your Money: Improving your cash flow with Kylie Purcell | Finder


This episode is proudly supported by Finder.

Besides getting fit, sorting out your money is something that most Australians want to get right! So on Get Started Investing, we wanted to learn how to do just that! Over three episodes we’ve partnered with Finder, to talk about all things personal finance and getting your money sorted so you can start investing.  In this final episode we’re going to look at some of the best practices when it comes to personal finance, and how it can help your investing journey. And we have the pleasure of talking to one of Finder's editors, Kylie Purcell. Kylie is the investments editor for Finder. She has a background in business and finance news and has previously worked at SBS, Your Money, Switzer Group and CCTV in Beijing. She specialises in cutting through messy financial jargon so that others don't make the same investment decisions that she did in her misguided youth. When she's not writing about the markets you can find her bingeing on long blacks.

To help you get sorted, Finder has launched the ultimate money app. With it you can see all your accounts in one place, track your net wealth, find out your credit score, and now, buy Bitcoin, all in one app. Check it out in your app store or with the link here. Finder is focused on helping Aussies save and grow their money. They provide the financial tools for you to achieve your goals. Whether it’s saving for a holiday, buying your first home or investing for your future, Finder will be by your side and empower you to live a rich life. 

Pre order the book on Booktopia or Amazon now. 

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Episode 58

by Equity Mates Media