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by Diana Klatt & Susanna Park
Global Caveat

Permaculture: The Regeneration of Nature with Monica Ibacache


Humans and the Earth are so intertwined. Whatever happens to nature will inevitably affect us and we see it happening with each passing day as climates change. So what can we do to create a healthy relationship with nature that promotes regeneration? Permaculture. Permaculture is an approach to land management that uses natural ecosystems and borrows from Indigenous practices to best use land for regenerative agriculture and promotes the abundance of nature. In this episode, Monica Ibacache talks about how we can "design like Mother Earth" and how permaculture works to better both Earth's health and human health.

Guest: Monica Ibacache (Beyond Organic Design)

Hosts: Diana Klatt, Susanna Park

Music: Hawt Coco

Producer: Global Caveat, Inc.


Episode 6

Season 3

by Diana Klatt & Susanna Park