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Crime Beat presents: NCR from Greyhound to Brentwood | 14

On this special episode journalist Erica Vella shares an excerpt of the series on the Brentwood Five massacre first covered by Nancy Hixt.
Nancy is a Global News colleague and a senior crime reporter based in Calgary and she covered this case in an episode of her award-winning podcast Crime Beat.
In the excerpt of the episode shared with you today you’ll hear from Timothy McLean’s mother, Carol De Delley….who is fighting to change the law in Canada-- so killers deemed to be not criminally responsible or NCR--would have to continue their treatment and monitoring...indefinitely…
The families of the Brentwood five...are concerned--the same thing that happened to Timothy McLean’s killer...will happen to the man who killed their five children.
Email: erica.vella@globalnews.ca
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Global News What Happened To...?
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