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Crystal Pepsi | 13

From the late 1980s to the early 2000s, companies made the move to create products that were colourless or transparent as it was often equated with purity.
It was called the clear craze and it was first inspired by Ivory soap's "99.44/100% Pure" campaign.
Crystal Pepsi was launched in 1992 with a big splash at Super Bowl 27 in a commercial with Van Halen’s hit song Right Now in the background, but the product was taken off the shelves about two years after its launch. In the 30 years since Crystal Pepsi launched, the product has been brought back for limited periods.
On this episode of What happened to…? Erica Vella revisits the elusive drink from the 1990s, Crystal Pepsi. She learns why the pop flopped and asks if there is a chance the cola could ever return to store shelves.
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Global News What Happened To...?
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