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Go Love Yourself

Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and How We Can Help Ourselves (with Anxiety Josh)

Go Love Yourself
Go Love Yourself
We've chatted about our anxiety a lot, but it's time to dive a bit deeper (Lauren's favourite 😉). While people are talking more openly about anxiety, and we LOVE it, the differences between feeling anxious and having an Anxiety Disorder are often forgotten. Not to mention how often the more taboo bits, like intrusive thoughts and panic attacks, still face a bit of stigma. So this week we've recruited Anxiety Josh to chat us through the different types of anxiety disorders (including GAD, agoraphobia, panic disorder and OCD), how to recognise these, and how to help ourselves/our friends if they're struggling with anxiety. We absolutely loved chatting to Josh, and it couldn't have come at a better time considering what Anxious Aardvark's we are right now. Surprisingly, this episode was also HILARIOUS to record, and we learnt a bit about the kink world... Plus we catch up about our Valentine's Plans (or lack thereof😅)!


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Go Love Yourself
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