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Go Love Yourself

Feeling Friend-Worthy and Cutting Out “Hi Hun” Friends

Go Love Yourself
Go Love Yourself
It's not something we talk about enough, but making friends as an adult is HARD. You grow up seeing all these amazing friend groups on TV, but we promise it's not always like that, and you're not alone if you're feeling friendship anxiety. Plus, sometimes friendships aren't serving you and it's okay to cut them out!! We don't see movies about friendship breakups but seriouslyyyy they can be just as hard as romantic ones! So today, we're chatting all things friendships - why we feel anxious about them, how to find new pals, when/how to cut people out, and SO much more. Plus we react to some Am I the Asshole submissions on Reddit about other people's friendships, and oh my god it's the best thing ever (absolutely living for the drama of these!!!)


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Go Love Yourself
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