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Go Love Yourself

Our Relationships with Exercise

Go Love Yourself
Go Love Yourself
Wellll it’s safe to say our relationships with exercise are NOT the best. We grew up feeling like exercise was a punishment, something we weren’t cut out for, or something to justify what we could eat. But after our episode with intuitive movement expert Tally Rye in season 1, we’ve been thinking more about how much movement could do for our mental health, relationships with our bodies, and just overall lives. Trying to improve our relationships with exercise is a really long and complicated process, but in this episode we wanted to give you an honest look at what that “journey” has been like for us so far. Plus, Lauren chats to us about trying her first ever dance class after putting it off for years!

If you’d like to try the Virtual Yoga Studio you can head to virtualyogastudio.com/love, thand for £15 you’ll get 3 months of access to daily classes that can be done at your own pace and from wherever you want.


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Go Love Yourself
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