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HAIYAA with Nigel Ng

Nigel spent £600 on SANDALS?!?!


Nigel is back in London with Producer Matt and is well rested from his holiday in Mykonos! But before going to Mykonos he decided to buy a £600 pair of sandals to fit in with the rich white people. This week Nigel also did some filming with Gordon Ramsay!

0:00 - Nigel and Producer Matt are on a 3 video demonitized streak and vow to end it this podcast.

7:07 - Nigel did some filming with Gordon Ramsay!

15:01 - Nigel met Gordon’s daughter Tilly and loved his G Wagon car.

23:24 - Buying Hermes sandals for Nigel’s Mykonos trip

36:00 - Mykonos stories and why Nigel is so pleased he isn’t allergic to rich people stuff

Go see Nigel on tour: https://nigelngcomedy.com/#shows


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