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Head Above Water

Season 1 Episode 5 Snakes, Numbers Chapter 21

Head Above Water
Head Above Water

Day 1 - Numbers 20:1-29 

We are to obey perfectly. And even one act of unfaithfulness earns condemnation. But thankfully, we have been provided a way to be forgiven of our transgressions in Jesus, the One who perfectly obeyed and who takes our sin and credits us with His righteousness when we believe. 

How have you obeyed God partially at times believing that was good enough?

Day 2 - Numbers 21:1-7a

We too are quick to forget God’s faithfulness and we too need God’s gift of discipline at times to remind us that if God was willing to provide Jesus to die on the cross to address our greatest need, we can surely trust Him to provide for our daily needs as well (Luke 12:24).

What are some things that God has done for you in the past that you can remember today to help you remain faithful in the face of need or temptation?

Day 3 - Numbers 21:7b-8 

Many who have trusted in Jesus find it difficult to continue to trust in the completed work of Jesus. That is why we are grateful that Jesus is an ever-present intercessor, always at the right hand of the Father making appeals to Him on our behalf.

Who has God placed in your life for you to be an intercessor, praying for them and telling them what Christ has done?

Day 4 - Numbers 21:9-35

As we live each day, we go forward in confidence living from the victory that Jesus has already won for us. Jesus has defeated sin and death, so in the face of any persecution we will face, we continue striving to live the way He has called us to—with faith and with joy.

How does knowing that God goes before you and with you give you confidence as you face opposition?

Day 5 - John 3:1-21 

our salvation is the completed work of Jesus—His life, death, burial, and resurrection—and the unending power of God to preserve our salvation no matter what. 

What kind of doubts do you face in your walk with Christ, and how does His completed work on the cross help you continue to believe?

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Head Above Water
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