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Head Above Water

Season 1 Episode 8 - Courage, Joshua 1-4


Day 1 - Joshua 1:1-9 God knew Joshua would need encouragement and God knew the people would need it as well. But God also knew the people needed something else more—much more. They needed Him. Good leaders are a gift from God. Great leaders are a blessing. But no leader, no matter how good he or she might be, is a substitute for God Himself. Moses was not who the Israelites needed. Joshua was not either. Nor would it be any of the judges, Samuel, Saul, David, Solomon, any other king, or any prophet. The leader the people needed was Christ Jesus—the One who God provided to lead us out of bondage of sin and into the rest of salvation in Him. Have you ever lost a significant leader? What was the effect of that loss on you and others? Day 2 - Joshua 1:10-18 We know from the Book of Hebrews, that rest in the promised land was a shadow of the greater rest we find in our salvation in Christ. In Christ, we are able, for the first time ever, to cast aside our labor—our innumerable attempts to be right with God—and rest in Christ instead as recipients of forgiveness and righteousness in Him. This is the rest our souls need. This is the rest the gospel gives. What are some ways that you need to stop working and rest in Christ? Day 3 - Joshua 3:1-17 We need to consecrate ourselves day-by-day, moment-by-moment. God is at work all around us everyday, but will we see it?  What are some ways you can consecrate yourself each day to see what God is doing and follow Him? Day 4 - Joshua 4:1-16 Do we see ourselves as Joshuas? Do we understand that God has positioned us where He has, and how He has, for a reason—to glorify God? Or are we ever tempted to steal God’s glory instead? To take how He has gifted and blessed us and hoard it for ourselves? May we hold loosely to our glory and tightly to God’s.  How can you point others to God this week through how He has blessed and gifted you? Day 5 - Joshua 4:17-24 While the primary context of these two passages focuses on parents, it is broader than that. All of us are called by God to disciple others and this is to be our blueprint of discipleship. We are to teach others God’s Word, but we are also to testify to how God has been kind to us. We are to talk about His provision, His protection, and His power. We are to celebrate who He is and what He has done.  What are some of the “stones of remembrance” that you can share with others to point them to who God is and what He has done?  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/head-above-water/support