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Heaven & Healing Podcast

Divine Feminine is NOT Divine! with Jessica Torres

Heaven & Healing Podcast
Heaven & Healing Podcast

Heaven & Healing Podcast episode 3 features my sister in Christ, Jessica Torres: ex-new ager who had a 6 figure business helping women ‘heal’ through sensuality, sex and divine feminine empowerment. She taught on popular gnostic topics such as Mary Magdalene priestess-hood and embodying our relationship to God through the goddess spirit within, all before her unexpected conviction of the Holy Spirit that lifted the veil to show her that Jesus Christ is the only truth. She gave up her business, lost her romantic relationship, and joyfully laid her life at the Lord’s feet.

In this conversation, we dive into the deceit of the divine feminine movement, how destructive it actually is in contrast to the healing that it promises, and unpack a range of topics within that realm — from sex, sensuality, trauma, relationships and more.

Our goal with this dialogue is to share how true feminine empowerment does not come from defiance of the Creator, His Living Word, nor from “crushing the patriarchy” or becoming more culturally & socially astute than men — it actually comes from the surrender and submission to our Savior Jesus Christ.

Women want to live by their own rules, with no sense of order or structure, because it feels good to our flesh and to our ego when we lack discipline or obedience. But this lifestyle of self-worship only leaves us craving more of that sensuality, giving us a false sense of security within the guise of ‘flowing goddess energy’ rather than bringing true fulfillment that can only come from living in accordance to God’s will.

The mindset that God’s will (Christ->man->woman->child) is oppressive is a radial misrepresentation of His Word.

What’s oppressive is the belief that there is freedom in the divine feminine, because you are imprisoned by your own flesh when you only live for your own desires. When you live within the structure of God, you are free from the world and resurrected in the Holy Spirit.

The devil promises freedom in the world by leading you to submit to yourself and abandon God. God promises eternity by asking you to abandon the world and submit to Him.

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