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Heaven & Healing Podcast

Forcing Transgenderism on Kids: A Deplorable Sin | with Matt Reynolds

Heaven & Healing Podcast
Heaven & Healing Podcast

In episode 12 of Heaven & Healing Podcast, I have a conversation with my new friend in Christ Matt Reynolds. Matt is a trans man born a biological female who transitioned as a young adult, and came to know Jesus in a moment of desperation when calling on the Lord’s help, after realizing how the whole of the LGBTQ movement itself (not necessarily the whole community) is quite evidently on a mission to indoctrinate the youth.

This episode is not about transgenderism as a sin — though it is a sin that nevertheless can be washed clean by the blood of Jesus, as it did for Matt — but rather, it is about the sin of harming children. The goal is to shine light on a dark, controversial topic that everyone, especially Christians, need to stop tip-toeing around because what is happening to our kids is dangerous and children are God’s most precious commodity.

Matt is the best candidate to discuss this topic with, being a member OF the LGBTQ community who now sees through the lens of Christianity. The discussion is fiery, informative, raw, sometimes disturbing, and thought-provoking.

We talk about how Matt came to know Christ, the horrific truth about the transition process that no one warns gender-dysphoric folk about, the realities OF gender dysphoria as a mental illness or a potential result of childhood v*c****s based on data, the de-population agenda 2030 plan as it correlates to LGBTQ movement, and of course about how this movement has been heavily indoctrinating children as young as 3 in schools (and in public: IE “Drag Your Kids to Pride” show) with this agenda, which leads us into revealing the most awful component of all: how this is all a gateway of normalizing p3d0philia and eventual transhumanism.

Matt is articulate, educated and well-versed — with real science, evidence, studies and experience on this topic — and what’s more is Matt’s desire to glorify God in exposing the treacherous reality of this subject: ultimately all of this has the dark, sinister agenda to bring disorder and chaos to God’s design for men, women and children.

You don’t want to miss this conversation, Christian or not, especially if you have kids in public school.

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