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Heaven & Healing Podcast

Gay Stripper Saved by Jesus | with Samuel Perez

Heaven & Healing Podcast
Heaven & Healing Podcast

In this episode, I interview Samuel Perez, “a former gay stripper turned whole hearted follower of Jesus. After being involved In the homosexual lifestyle and experiencing severe depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts; Samuel turned to God.

With open and extended arms, God's saving and transformational grace allowed for a complete change in his identity and purpose. Samuel's mission is to preach his testimony and experiences of his life in the LGBTQ community, to believers and non-believers. Hoping to inspire others that the love of God is transformational and correcting. His vision includes educating the church on those who struggle with same-sex attraction, and proper biblical interpretation and helping those whom struggle with SSA find comfort and encouragement towards an all encompassing and consuming love in Jesus Christ.” (Excerpt from Samuel’s website)

I ask some of the questions all of us have as believers (and even as non-believers) when it comes to homosexuality as it relates to Scripture, and Samuel does an excellent job breaking down some heretical issues within the church surrounding this culturally inflamed topic, and offers approachable solutions to how we, as the body of Christ, can share God’s Word in truth and love with members of the LGBTQ community.

While Scripture teaches that homosexual acts are sinful, these Bible verses aren't about condemning homosexuals, gays, lesbians, or transgender people. Rather, they are God's loving warning and offering of grace for those who have strayed from His will for sex.

We live in a fallen world with a fallen nature, but in Christ, we can be new creations.

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