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Heaven & Healing Podcast

Law of Attraction is a TRAP! with Amber Jeckovich

Heaven & Healing Podcast
Heaven & Healing Podcast

In episode seven of Heaven & Healing Podcast, I have a conversation with my sweet friend Amber Jeckovich all about the Law of Attraction and why it is a spiritual trap that comes from the enemy.

Amber was saved from the New Age Movement like I was, but before Christ she was particularly deep into LOA work after watching someone close to her manifest a specific relationship. She used LOA frequently, from manifesting $1,000 to winning a free trip… all things that sound so incredible, yet the truth is, LOA is based in occultism and does not come from God.

During this conversation, Amber shares her coming-to-Christ testimony, we talk about what the law of attraction is, how it actually WORKS which is what makes it such an appealing practice to pursue and how despite that efficacy, it is ultimately a dangerous deception perpetuated from the enemy. We also discuss how Scripture is taken out of context to justify the LOA practice, bring clarity to some of those verses, and highlight the contrast between the type of relationship with God LOA FALSELY CLAIMS you have with God as universal source oneness, versus the TRUE relationship God WANTS us to have with Him and His Son.

Bouncing through an array of topics relating to this, Amber and I explain how focusing on manifestation tricks us into thinking pantheistic blasphemy that the universe and God are synonymous, that YOU are the one with universe and therefore able to create anything you want in your life by the power of your mind translating those thoughts into reality. We talk about how troublesome this idealogy is to adopt because it gives us the false promise that WE are the creators of life, so we then have no need for a “savior” and thus have no true relationship with or discipleship for Jesus Christ.

And just like Satan tempted Jesus in the desert in Matthew 4 by offering Him all the kingdoms of the world if Jesus bowed to worship him, Satan uses the Law of Attraction to give you anything that you desire in this world if you pledge allegiance to his false light.

LOA is potentially the most harmful component of the New Age Movement.

We hope you find this episode insightful.

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+my instagram: @angelamarieucci

+Amber’s instagram: @amberjeckovich

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