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Heaven & Healing Podcast

Neutrality is a Myth | with Jeremiah Roberts and Andrew Soncrant

Heaven & Healing Podcast
Heaven & Healing Podcast

In episode 13 of Heaven & Healing Podcast “Neutrality is a Myth” I have a great talk with my dear brothers in Christ, Jeremiah Andrews and Andrew Soncrant — the brilliant minds behind the The Cultish Show @thecultishshow !

Most of the time Jeremiah and Andrew are are hosting a conversation — this time, they are being hosted, and it will definitely make you wish they were more often! Hearing these two speak never fails to blow my mind. Praise God for how He is using Jeremiah and Andrew as the true hands and feet of Christ.

We start this conversation off by sharing both Jeremiah and Andrew’s individual testimonies of how they each came to know Jesus, and then dive into the birth-story of their podcast Cultish. From there, we get into a lengthy discussion all about how neutrality is a myth, covering different apologetic subjects all ultimately within the realm of relativism. We talk abut agnostics, new age-ism, secularism, and other religions — how these varied worldviews, as the antithesis of Christianity, are all either entirely self-refuting in their beliefs/claims or simply borrow from the Christian worldview to make their case.

For Christians, this is a helpful episode to take note of those questions/ideologies that the unbelievers, apostates, spiritualists or “indifferent” people in your life may challenge you with regarding your faith.

FOR those unbelievers, apostates, spiritualists and “indifferent” folk, this would be a great episode for you to listen to with a willingness to be wrong and to learn new things.

The truth is, everyone looks at life from a religious bias, in terms of what or who has the ultimate authority (God, man, reason, nature, etc). Even atheists are not neutral because their policy is determined on the presupposition that there is no God.

There IS no neutrality in anything. Especially with Christ.

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If you haven’t checked it out already, be sure to go listen to or watch part one and two of “Why I Left Astrology” on The Cultish Show for my coming-to-Christ testimony and for more dialogue between the three of us!

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