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Psychic Mediums Talk to DEMONS, Not the Dead | with Jenn Nizza

Heaven & Healing Podcast
Heaven & Healing Podcast

In this episode of Heaven & Healing Podcast, I speak with an ex-psychic medium, Jenn Nizza Hofacker. Jenn had a very successful career in psychic mediumship before crying out to Jesus Christ in a moment of desperation. After that moment, everything changed for her — she went to church, felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit and are home to read what the Bible says about psychic mediumship only to find that it is an abominable sin worthy of death in the sight of the Lord and that there is absolutely nothing in Scripture to support connection or communion with deceased loved ones.

Jenn has since dedicated her life’s work to Christ and the integrity of Scripture, exposing the demonic deception of psychic mediumship and other occultist practices. She has published two books, From Psychic to Saved & Out of the New Age and Into the Truth and has an online ministry where she shares the very real dangers of psychic consultation.

In this conversation, Jenn shares her testimony of how she came to know Christ and from there we unpack the truth about psychic mediums — how it is not our departed friends and family they receive their esoteric knowledge from, but rather demons in disguise.

We talk about how the devil is a liar, how he and his demonic minions want to destroy us, and how cunningly crafty they are at posing as grandma or uncle Joe or your childhood friend when you visit a psychic medium, deceiving both you AND psychic with the grave consequence of leading you away from Jesus, God and the Holy Bible — thus, guiding you toward eternal condemnation.

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