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Heavy Cardboard

Episode 152 - Ginkgopolis with Jess Cassady and Martin Fowler


Join guest hosts Jess and Martin as they climb Ginkgo Biloba, sit in its dappled sunlight in the cool breeze and talk all things Ginkgopolis! Come and find out the mystery of why this game just works. Does Jess give her favourite game the elusive 6 star Hall of Fame rating? Find out at the end!

0:52 How Are Ya?/Vaccines

5:39 Ginkgopolis Intro

10:23 On the Table

18:38 Complexity

27:00 Jess’ Learning Story

31:06 Luck and Random Factors

34:20 Game Length

37:11 Getting It

46:46 Components, Graphic Design, Artwork

1:02:32 Setup/Teardown

1:15:08 What is Enjoyabe?

1:30:14 What is Not Enjoyable?

1:37:27 Difference Between 1st and 2nd Ed.

1:40:24 Expansion - The Experts

1:44:01 Ratings

1:48:17 Comparison to Other Games

1:52:39 Farewells

Theme Music provided by Ronald Jenkees

All other music provided by Ceylon