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​Heidi’s Lane with Heidi Powell

Finding My Voice: Why You Can't Let Fear Hold Your Story Back

Welcome to the first episode of Heidi’s Lane!

I’m excited to invite you into my world, offering a glimpse into the vulnerable corners of my heart as I embark on this podcasting journey.

Every new chapter has a beginning. Mine started with a whisper from above, a gentle push to share my story. But life's not always a straight path, is it? It's filled with twists, turns, shadows—and fear.

On the verge of this new chapter, I grappled with self-doubt, memories of Dave, the pull of family, and a timely message that highlighted my voice's value.

Here's a sneak peek into our heart-to-heart today:

2:05 That "aha" moment that led me to the microphone.

5:45 Battling the loud voices of fear and doubt.

15:15 My very real dance with anxiety and how it manifested in my life.

22:35 A game-changing message from a dear friend that gave me clarity.

33:45 A breathwork session that propelled me forward

40:55 A powerful sign from God that ignited my fire within

44:45 The lessons this podcast has taught me

47:30 Advice about fear that will rock your world

So, as I kick off the very first episode of our podcast journey, come take a walk with me as I share my tales of trials, tears, and triumphs. Because at the end of the day, we all have stories, and each one matters.

With love,

Heidi 💖

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​Heidi’s Lane with Heidi Powell
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