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​Heidi’s Lane with Heidi Powell

Opening up about life: Grief, Rejuvenation, Creation & Beauty | Raw & Real Q&A

In today’s episode, I'm baring my soul, pulling back the curtain on the questions YOU have been yearning to ask.

Every day, from the messages of friends, family, and followers, I feel your curiosity, your concerns, and your care.

Today, I’m answering some of the questions that have resonated most with me and giving you the unfiltered truths behind them.

You’ve asked about the intensity of creation, the weight of consistent creativity.

You’ve messaged about my transformative experience at a “no cell phone” retreat.

Many of you have sought insights on navigating the tides of change and aging as a mother.

But there's one question, echoing louder and more persistent than the rest: How have I been holding up since the heart-wrenching loss of Dave earlier this year?

Addressing this feels like reopening a wound that's trying to heal, but I recognize the genuine care in your voices.

Here are the key moments from the episode:

7:30 The pressure of creation

14:00 A book that EVERYONE needs to read

17:45 How am I after Dave’s passing?

33:30 Finding my way back to creation

41:05 My experience at a “no cell phone” retreat

56:30 The question that changed my life as a mom

1:03:00 What moms need to understand about getting older

Join me on my couch as I invite you in, closer than ever, sharing the raw journey of my grief, my healing, and where my heart finds itself now.

Connect with Heidi!

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YouTube: @HeidiPowellNet

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Products I mentioned in this episode:

Little tree by Loren Long:- https://amzn.to/3S7nMfj

Meditation Cards Set 1: https://amzn.to/3QDy1Hb

Meditation Cards Set 2: https://bit.ly/496A39D

​Heidi’s Lane with Heidi Powell
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