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​Heidi’s Lane with Heidi Powell

Shedding My Old Self and Welcoming the Real Me Home

In this episode, I'm opening the doors to my inner sanctum, welcoming you right into the living room of my heart and spirit.

Supported by my longtime friend, Keira, I reflect on my transformation that's been both my toughest trial and my greatest revelation: Finding my true home within myself.

2022 was a year that didn't just knock on my door, but it knocked me down. From grappling with loss and questioning my life's foundations to embracing a profound spiritual awakening, I've been through a whirlwind of self-discovery.

During the chaos, a clear voice emerged—one that's been drowned out for years by the noise of life's expectations, roles, and external validations.

Here’s a few key moments from the episode:

4:45 In the wildest year of my life, I found myself crumbling before God

11:45 The darkest most chaotic year of my existence

23:40 Making peace with self-acceptance

28:30 A 10-year vision transformed how I see my entire life

40:00 The indescribable week I died

47:00 The moment a shift started happening

51:30 The birth of Heidi Lane from the ashes of my turmoil

1:01:30 The new me gave me a new life

1:07:50 My most beautiful version of me is my truest version of me

Join me on my couch and be part of this conversation because in sharing, we find strength. And in openness, we allow healing—not just for ourselves, but for each other.

With love,

Heidi 💖

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​Heidi’s Lane with Heidi Powell
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