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​Heidi’s Lane with Heidi Powell

Yes, I’m Dating: All the Details on My Most Important Relationship Yet

In this deeply personal and uplifting episode, join me and my longtime friend, Keira Brinton, as I navigate the tender realms of the heart.

My journey of love took a dramatic pause earlier this year with the passing of my best friend, a chapter that closed with heartache but also opened doors to uncharted territories of self-love and acceptance.

As the days turned into months, the silence in his absence became a canvas for reflection, leading me to the most unexpected yet beautiful realization: It’s time to date again.

But not in the way you might think.

Today, I’m sharing my journey of dating myself, rediscovering the joy in my own company, and learning to love the woman I've become through the triumphs and tribulations.

It’s raw, it’s real, and it’s a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

Here are the key moments from the episode:

6:00 My experience with an erotic dancing class

13:30 Discovering what my true superpower for others is

20:00 My open and honest new relationship

40:20 The one person that completely flipped how I saw myself

45:00 There’s a time to teach and a time to learn

51:45 The conversation that will heal all women

1:10:00 The 7 date challenge that’ll change your life

Join me on my couch as I navigate the realms of self-dating, transforming loss into a catalyst for rediscovery, and proving that the most profound love stories are the ones we write with ourselves.

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​Heidi’s Lane with Heidi Powell
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