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Psalm 115 John Andrew Schreiner sings "Who Can I Trust"

Hidden Streams
Hidden Streams

A call to trust in the Lord. John Andrew Schreiner sings "Who Can I Trust".

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Song Lyrics:

Psalm 115 Who Can I Trust

Not to us O Lord

But to your name give glory

You dwell in the heavens

And all creation tells Your story

You speak, You see, You hear

You dwell with the lowly

we are Your treasure

Made to be holy


Who can I trust?

In life and death

I trust in You

For my every breath

Gold and silver formed

Into a lifeless image

And all who bow before them

Become like what they worship

They do not speak, or see, or hear

And are soon forgotten

But we are Your treasure

We are Your beloved


Our help, our shield, our trust

Is in You

You remembered us

You bless us and keep us

Make Your face to shine upon us

And give us peace

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