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Highest Self Podcast®

474: Walking the beauty path, The Truth About Botox, Sacred Sensuality + Improv as an embodiment practice with Liliana Cruz

Highest Self Podcast®
Highest Self Podcast®

One day I was going down a gua sha rabbit hole and looked up the hashtag to come across this beautiful girl teaching facial reflexology practices. I saw she lived in Miami and we ended up meeting up and have been close friends ever since!

In this episode, I sit down with Liliana, founder of Wild Lily Organics, to discuss how facial reflexology can be a path of self-love and healing. She shares what really happens to the facial muscles with botox and I ask her about different natural alternatives.

We then dive into sacred sensuality and how her skin was actually telling her there was deeper healing needed in her womb space. We talk about the need for intergenerational connection and the times of the Red Tent when womben gathered. We then discuss our personal experiences through taking Improv together for the past few months and how it’s been the ultimate embodiment practice!

If you are one that walks the beauty path, you will love this episode.

Connect with Liliana and get her gua sha tools at https://www.wildlilyorganics.com

Liliana is a teacher in Rose Gold Goddesses, my sacred feminine mystery school. If you are looking for a nourishing community of like-minded souls I’d love to invite you to join the waitlist of Rose Gold Goddesses at https://rosegoldgoddesses.com

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