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History of the 90s

Paul Bernardo - Part 2 | 52


The case of Paul Bernardo captured media and public attention in the mid-1990s at a time when the United States was focused on the O.J. Simpson case in a similar way. 

But Bernardo’s trial, for the murders of teenagers Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French, wasn’t televised, so hundreds of people lined up to get inside the downtown Toronto courtroom to witness Canada’s version of the O.J. trial. 

Others poured over the media coverage that blanketed newspapers or paid close attention to TV and radio stations which provided hourly updates of the proceedings.

I was in the courtroom everyday for four months in the summer of 1995 as the horrific crimes against Bernardo were revealed including graphic videotaped evidence. 

On part two of our look back at the infamous case and trial of Paul Bernardo we dive into Canada’s trial of the century. 


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Episode 52

Season 1

by Curiouscast