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HLTV Confirmed - Counter-Strike Podcast

32-team Major? Making the ideal format with NER0 | HLTV Confirmed S6E65

This special GameChanger episode of HLTV Confirmed is dedicated to CS Major format: team count, stages, crowd for groups, seeding, and more to be talked about thoroughly with special guest NER0. In additional topics are VP adding mir, FURIA with FalleN, new fnatic, and fantasy update.

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0:00 - Podcast intro

3:28 - NER0 joins HLTV Confirmed

6:36 - FURIA go official with FalleN

14:00 - Confirmed to go live from Cologne!

14:48 - mir is BACK with VP

21:24 - fnatic add dexter & afro

26:41 - CYPHER, JACKZ, interz to TSM?

35:27 - NER0 takes Skinionaire

Building the dream Major

42:08 - Vox Pop: improving the Major

48:35 - Looking back to first Major

52:30 - Should there be a variety of formats?

1:04:09 - Dream Major - what do we believe in?

1:15:11 - Goals: what do we want to achieve?

1:18:43 - How does it work?

1:22:28 - Schedule

1:26:53 - Format

1:32:51 - Alternative

1:35:41 - Slot Allocation

1:42:32 - Striker’s take on 32-team Major

2:06:21 - Broad takes


2:17:55 - NER0’s graphs & articles

2:28:05 - Fantasy update & new season

2:36:00 - Moulin Rouge, lap dancing, and misc

HLTV Confirmed is a CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) talk show featuring Chad "SPUNJ" Burchill, Zvonimir "Professeur" Burazin, and Milan "Striker" Švejda, with guest appearances from community members such as s1mple, device, ropz, Twistzz, karrigan, shox, TaZ, GeT_RiGhT, HenryG, JW, smooya, YNk, Maniac, Pimp, seang@res, CarlosR, and more. The show is based around interviews, breakdowns, analysis, and discussions about the esports and casual side of Counter-Strike.






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HLTV Confirmed - Counter-Strike Podcast
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